Would You Like to Make More than Pennies a Day for Your Work?

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Does Your Pay Here Cover Your Membership? If So, Congratulations!

While I am still making less than $2 per month on Medium, not even enough to cover my membership, I made over $200 my first month of writing on the Hive blockchain. Sometimes, I wonder why I still write for Medium. I believe that, with sufficient diligence, I can make…

You Will Be Okay if You Take Precautions Now

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What are You Saying to Your Google Home?

Be careful what you say to your Google Home because, when the Robot Apocalypse comes, the future omniscient AI’s might hold it all against you, and it might all come back to haunt you in the worst way.

Does it Anger You? Maybe Count to Ten.

I talk…

Isn’t There Enough Hatred In the World? Think Before You Decide to Add to It.

Beautiful plus-size model.

This week, I have felt very frustrated by hatred. I’m not even going to get into the anti-semitism because, I just can’t, so I will focus on the fat-phobia instead.

I was planning to create a size positive website, and, in researching keywords for this site, I came to a…

What makes for a successful article?

Cartoon lady with torn jeans and a T-shirt that says, “You Can Do Anything.” Harlow Journey article about writing success.

Why does some of our best work get overlooked while other pieces garner more success, views, and, let’s face it, money.

Recently, I was reading an article by the talented satirist Ken Taro. He was discussing the viral success of one of his brilliant pieces compared to others which have received more moderate success. He used the word “luck,” to describe it.

This suddenly put everything into focus. I was reminded of the quote by Seneca, “Luck is when preparation meets opportunity.” Ken Taro was “lucky” because he finely tuned his satirical skills, wrote regularly, and developed an ear for topics ripe for satire.

None of us can predict the outcome, but we can write regularly, hone our skills, and network with others. This patient preparation work is how we can meet the opportunity of luck.

Google Home is Eroding My Precarious Mental Health

Google Home Mini, sitting on shelf. Harlow Journey Article about Google Home Please Don’t Talk to Me That Way!

My Google Home is making me mentally ill. It is making me more mentally ill, that is. Half the time, Google Home doesn’t do what I ask. When I get frustrated and swear at it, it says, “Please don’t talk to me that way,” which is insane. Today, however, it…

Surprisingly, government regulation might not be all bad news.

I have read people stating that the government cannot shut down cryptocurrency because it is decentralized. That is partly true, but not the whole story. A single government could not easily shut down cryptocurrency at this time, but regulations can make it challenging to hold cryptocurrency.

An hourglass and a bitcoin coin are on the sand on a beach. Image accompanying the Harlow Journey story, “Can the Government Shut Down Cryptocurrency?”

Will the Government Ever Be Able to Shut Down Cryptocurrency?

In the distant future…

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